Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Review: MyKuali White curry noodles

White curry noodles...I know...White Curry?? It turns out it has an additional sachet in there, 'non-dairy creamer' plus the usual soup seasoning (which contain msg) and sambal (dried shrimp, chillies and spices mix).

I enjoy instant noodles. Seriously. Its quick and tasty. Its comfort food. I am quite sure it contains absolutely zero nutritional value...might even be bad but hey, I love it and I always have a pack of Maggi mee curry, asam laksa and Indo mee goreng in my pantry. And without the convinience of the everyday Sarawak Laksa I used to be able to enjoy, finding an instant noodle substitute would be awesome.

So 'white curry' needs to be reviewed. Its a penang laksa variant. I've always thought the difference between curry mee and laksa mee is the dried shrimp but I could be wrong...this curry mix has a very strong dried shrimp taste. But its a curry...not a laksa. Someone please educate me.

Anyway here is it.
Spicy: 6/10 ...spicy but not too much
Flavour: 9/10 ... I actually like it! Much better then the Maggi curry/asam pedas. I read there is a close competitor brand...haven't been able to find it in my local Asian store. When I do...this might be revised!!!

There you have it. I will buy and stock my pantry up with this now.

Cooking tip: I cooked the noodles separate from the soup. This way the noodles won't be over cooked as you boil the sambal, soup seasoning and creamer to an even broth. The sambal is hard out of the packet, took me longer to make the soup then cooking the noodles.

How it looks like

The 3 packet mix with dairy creamer

My basic garnish


Will have this stocked up in my pantry!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Best sambal ever!!!

Best sambal ever, is my mom's sambal udang. I must attempt to recreate this one day...sooner more then later as I am out of it!!!

I had the last bits with my nasi goreng tonight. And its sooo good. Its even good with bread as a sandwich!! I LOVE YOU MOM :)

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Vietnamese fusion salad

Easy rating 4/5, 5 very easy. This just needs chopping up.

Bean sprouts
Rocket mix
Crushed peanuts
Fried shalots
Rice noodles
Roasted meat of any kind

Lemon, 1/2 cup
Raw sugar, 2 tbls
Rice vinegar, 1 tbls
Fish sauce, 1 tbla
Fresh/dried chilli whole
...taste the measurements are just indicative. Vietnamese dressing should be somewhat sweet.

Then toss.


15 minute Olio Pasta

So, day has been hectic and I haven't prepared any dinner or defrosted anything at all.

My 'go-to' is any easy olio pasta.

5 ingredients in total...15 minutes!! Uep, beat tht did.

1. Chilli, fresh or dry
2. Garlic, chopped
3. Olive oil
4. Penne, cooked al dante
5. Choritzo/bacon bits/leftover roasts

Throw 1-3, in a pot. Stir till the garlic browns then throw in the meats.

Once cooked, turn the heat off and mix in the penne. At some stage, you need to try it. With the choritzo or bacon plus chillis, this dish is often enough with just a table top seasoning of salt. if not...add it to the mix.

If you are feeling a little 'luxurious', half some mini romas and throw it in at the tail end of cooking the choritzos. Don't overcook it, aim to just softhen it slightly.

Garnish! Any green herbs (coriander/parsley/basil/wild rocket) or skip it all together. Pour that white or rosé and settling in a couch.

Luxury! Especially after a long day!!!

Btw, extremely versatile as a tapau/take away!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Passage to India, Vindaloo

Every week, I will review an Asian inspired premix and follow the cooking instructions. Which is ...hard.

This week, its Passage to India's Vindaloo simmer sauce.

It warns HOT. I like spicy but I have my limits. Hmmm...scratches head.

I decided to use pork. Its a solid meat so it won't start to disintegrate too quicky in this sauce.

I broke the rule by adding some diluted coconut cream as the sauce was getting too thick. I could have used plain water but the smell as it was simmering was telling me its chilli hot...I was hoping I could tone down the 'hot' so I can taste the spices.

You will need to cook/simmer it till the oil rises to the top. This is basic for all curry type cooking. Its the test that tells you the sauce is cooked and ready to serve.

So, the verdict?

Chilli hot: 9/10, too hot for me actually but my welsh other half thinks it could be spicier.

Spice mix: 7/10, despite the 'hotness', the spices was still tasty. Sometimes, all you can taste are just two spices.. chillies and curry, this still has a good blend.

Overall sauce: 7/10. It was a little too starchy I think. The sauce would keep together in a flat bread really well. I served it on basmati rice with stir fried long beans. But I think I will serve this next with naan and yogurt raita!

So yes. Definitely will buy again but served with bread me thinks!

Spicy Fusion Penne Arabiata

On days that I feel a little lazy but still feel like some wicked zing especially if there is a movie to watch...I cook a spicy penne arabiata.

With all things in my cooking, its fusion. I take italian and look at my asian pantry and go hmmm.

I use dry hot chilli and sweet chilli sauce to add the zing.

Here it is!

Spicy fusion Penne Arabiata
  • Penne, cook al dante for two
  • 1 tblsp chopped garlic
  • 1 tsp part dried chilli 
  • 2 tblsp thai sweet chilli sauce
  • 6-8 mini roma tomatos, halved.
  • Prefried choritzo or bacon or both
  • Use the pot you've used to cook the pasta, heat it up with 2 tblspn of oil. Once hot....
  • Throw in garlic, wait it slightly brown.
  • Throw in dry chilli, wait for about 30 seconds.
  • Throw in half the romas that has been halved.

Finally pour the sweet chilli sauce into the pot. Stir to mix then turn off heat.

All this happens within 5 minutes and is very quick after the garlic browns as you must not let the chilli burn.

Not that the heat is off, mix in your pasta, choritzo and fresh tomatoes.

You can squeeze a bit of lemon before serving. And garnish with coriander or you can keep to the traditional parsley.

Didn't I tell you its all fusion?


I cook the choritzo the same time as the pasta so this whole meal will take about 15 minutes, prep to serve.

Sometimes, I add fetta on it if I feel a little 'hardworking' but can go without.


Perfect with cold white wine

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Pasta pack away

We're going to the zoo-oo-oo!

We're having a picnic at the zoo with kids and some awesome moms and their family. Packed away pasta for this. Spicy oilio with choritzo and bacon.

Hopefully they love it and much as my big man!

Recipe will come! Its really easy! 

Happy Mother's Day to all moms who always tries their best in the kitchen...and everwhere else!!!

P/s.. I used to hate the kitchen...growing up, it seemed like the symbol of oppresion for women. How wrong I was! It is the heart, the center.


The recipe has been uploaded. Works well cold/day after! Spicy fusion penne arabiata.