Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Review: MyKuali White curry noodles

White curry noodles...I know...White Curry?? It turns out it has an additional sachet in there, 'non-dairy creamer' plus the usual soup seasoning (which contain msg) and sambal (dried shrimp, chillies and spices mix).

I enjoy instant noodles. Seriously. Its quick and tasty. Its comfort food. I am quite sure it contains absolutely zero nutritional value...might even be bad but hey, I love it and I always have a pack of Maggi mee curry, asam laksa and Indo mee goreng in my pantry. And without the convinience of the everyday Sarawak Laksa I used to be able to enjoy, finding an instant noodle substitute would be awesome.

So 'white curry' needs to be reviewed. Its a penang laksa variant. I've always thought the difference between curry mee and laksa mee is the dried shrimp but I could be wrong...this curry mix has a very strong dried shrimp taste. But its a curry...not a laksa. Someone please educate me.

Anyway here is it.
Spicy: 6/10 ...spicy but not too much
Flavour: 9/10 ... I actually like it! Much better then the Maggi curry/asam pedas. I read there is a close competitor brand...haven't been able to find it in my local Asian store. When I do...this might be revised!!!

There you have it. I will buy and stock my pantry up with this now.

Cooking tip: I cooked the noodles separate from the soup. This way the noodles won't be over cooked as you boil the sambal, soup seasoning and creamer to an even broth. The sambal is hard out of the packet, took me longer to make the soup then cooking the noodles.

How it looks like

The 3 packet mix with dairy creamer

My basic garnish


Will have this stocked up in my pantry!

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